Options & Prices

Headstock with Rodgers tuners
Headstock with Rodgers tuners

These are some of the major options that are available on my classical guitars—

  • Rosettes—A collection of exquisite rosettes to choose from, made in Russia…but no, sorry, not by Fabergé.
  • Spruce vs. Cedar—There are two coniferous woods most commonly used in classical guitar soundboards nowadays.
  • Woods for Backs & Sides—Most of the woods being used today are rosewoods…but not all.
  • Finishes—There are several different finish options available for my guitars. One of them is unique.
  • Tuners—Several tuner options, from economical—but reliable—to elegant works of art.
  • Frets—Two fret possibilities, the benefits and drawbacks of each.

To see a complete listing of all options along with prices, click Order a Guitar: then click on a drop-down box under GUITAR SPECIFICATIONS; any added-cost item in the list will show the price.  When you’re done browsing there, just leave the page without clicking the Submit button.