These are the finishing techniques I use on my guitars.  One of them has a very special purpose, not the original one.  You’ll have to click on all of them to find out which one.

  • Gloss Lacquer.  Sprayed lacquer is the most universally used finish among individual luthiers today.  But it makes a big difference which lacquer is used and how it is applied and processed.
  • French Polish.  This is the oldest widely used guitar finish used by individual luthiers.  A well-executed build by a master of this technique is a beautiful sight.  However, it does not wear well, which is why I no longer offer it.
  • Satin Varnish.  This finish is a process of my invention.  It is very thin, but also very durable.  Satin varnish is also available for necks.
  • Tung oil.  Tung oil is a readily available finishing material and is widely used in all sorts of woodworking projects to get a natural wood look and feel. I use it on the neck only.

There is one finish that’s used on more guitars being made today than any other.  Click here to find out what it is and why I don’t use it.

2 thoughts on “Finishes”

  1. My name is Ramon Marrero. I purchase a guitar from you back in 199 and I have to say it sounds better than ever after almost 26 years!! My guitar number is #77 with the french polish. I was wondering if you sell the french polish and what do you recommend to do on the top where the nails marks are?? Also, do you sell the top “nut” for the guitar. Thank you for any information you can give me.

    1. Yes, I remember you, Ramon. French polish, as such, cannot be sold in raw material form, because applying it requires a good deal of skill. The best thing to do about nail marks is to put a stop to making more of them. I recommend using Kling-Ons for this. Refinishing a soundboard is not a good option for a guitar of mine as it requires harmful wood removal. If the grooves in the nut on your guitar are worn down, the nut can easily be elevated slightly by using pieces of index card.

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