Guitar #335

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This guitar is the latest production from my workshop.  It will find its new home in the hands of a waiting-list customer in Baton Rouge, LA.  It features a back and sides of Amazon rosewood and an Engelmann spruce soundboard finished with ultra-thin padded varnish.  The tuners were invented by my most-admired luthier, the late John Gilbert.

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Installing Frets with Epoxy: Update

Since the article “Installing Frets with Epoxy” was first posted in September 2014, California luthier David Schramm has presented an alternative that dispenses with Dremel-re-cut fret slots.  After pondering his idea for some time—and hearing from David that he had tried it and found that it worked well—I’ve concluded that his alternative has merit and deserves consideration.  In fact, I plan to try it myself on my next guitar.  (Click here to go directly to my article update.)