Gotoh Deluxe tuners
Gotoh Lyre tuners

I have always found it hard to understand why many otherwise excellent guitars I encounter are equipped with tuners which are cheaply made, unattractive and hard to operate. High-quality tuners can add so much to the pleasure of playing a fine guitar. However, they can be downright crucial in high-stress concert situations where tuning and re-tuning must be done quickly, precisely and without added distraction from unpredictable or excessively hard operation.

  • Gotoh Lyre—These are the standard tuners on my guitars, the best I know of for the price.
  • Gotoh Premium—This is the finest Gotoh classical tuner, with Hauser-style plates.
  • Gilbert Tuners—Invented by luthier John Gilbert, these tuners are mechanically unsurpassed and uniquely attractive.  A big advantage: some parts are replaceable.
  • Sloane Tuners—These bronze finish tuners are some of the finest made in the U. S., high precision, very smooth.
  • Rodgers Tuners, Close Up—Now you get to see what a work of art are these tuners really are.


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