Humidity Management

Meade thermohygrometer

Humidity is an important concern both for luthiers and for guitarists who own and play valuable instruments.  Both have to deal with that substance called wood, which shrinks and expands as it releases or absorbs moisture.  However, the humidity management challenges for the two are quite different.

For guitarists, maintaining a humidity range of 30% to 70% will probably keep your guitar safe, unless it’s a “wet” guitar or a “dry” one.  You find that confusing?  Goto “Humidity and Your Guitar’s Health” for more details, recently updated.

For luthiers, things are quite a bit more complex.  “Humidity Management for Luthiers” is a full account of what I have learned from decades of experience and what I do nowadays to manage the humidity in my workshop.

4 thoughts on “Humidity Management”

  1. I have a Martin D-35 made in 2015 or 2016 aand I live in florida and keep guitar in case ,here lately the humidity is around 58-59-and 60 but no higher yet ,was staying around low 50’s until lately, what should I do? Virgil

  2. Thanks Paul for the information on humidity management. I know it is important to keep guitars in a good environment. God bless. Mike Macy. Derby, Kansas.

    1. I know that in the state of Kansas, the humidity can be pretty dry in the wintertime, and in summertime the humidity can be pretty high. I like it when the humidity is 35 to 50 percent range. God bless. Mike Macy. Derby Kansas.

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